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1:1 in ACS Middle Schools

Rationale and Background for Digital Learning Competencies

In 2013, the North Carolina General Assembly passed House Bill 23, which called on the State Board of Education to develop digital teaching and learning competencies that would “provide a framework for schools of education, school administrators, and classroom teachers on the needed skills to provide high-quality, integrated digital teaching and learning.”  This became law this year and is called the Digital Learning Competencies.

In June 2019, teachers and administrators will need two technology credits (20 hours) to renew their licenses. These technology credits are not in addition to what they already have to attain. These credits replace two the general credits that teachers would have needed.

Teacher Resources                                                  



NC Digital Teaching and Learning

Teacher DLC - Self-Reflection

Teacher DLC - Crosswalk Professional Standards

Parent and Student Resources

Chromebooks and Digital Citizenship

1:1 Middle School Handbook

2017-2018 Chromebook Modules